Òrìshà – Press

The debut had its fair share of captivating reviews, on the press front.

Culture Vulture

”Òrìshà challenges the Westernised version of feminism with its two previous waves of bra-burning and tendency to privilege white heterosexual woman of the Anglo-Christian faith. Instead, we are to embrace femininity at its rawest, what it means to be a woman of the earth at its most fundamental”.

PERFORMANCE | Kafayat Adegoke’s Òrìshà at Bradford Fringe Festival

Telegraph & Argus Newspaper

”In the installation she draws upon a survey she carried out amongst women in Bradford, and telling their stories”.

“It tells of how sexism has affected them personally, maybe at work or at home,” she explains.

“For some of the women, it begins in the cradle, with a child being raised in a gender-specific way. ‘Oh you are a girl, you should be in the kitchen cooking…’ It is about beliefs within society.”


Bradford Review Magazine

What do you aim for the audience to go away with, after seeing this installation?

The target audience is not gendered, but for the young women especially, I would like them to be inspired that the future is today and women are the future so they should go on and input their own history, every little helps! Everyone else, it would be great for them to have a much more enlightened approach to their lifestyle choices”

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