Promo Video Crucible Theatre


“Sexuality is a Buffet, Not a set Menu”

A one-woman immersive piece about a Yoruba Nigerian girl that isn’t so Nigerian. (Using the Fourth Wall technique). PER-SO-NA infuses Food, in presenting a version of a stereotype in order to then break it apart. The pulling of different identities and making a list of hierarchy of Sexuality in one fast-paced moment. 

PER-SO-NA is an encounter. Its got no beginning, no end. It is an audacious performance that brings lived experiences while blurring the lines with fiction, stemmed from historical provocation. It takes the audience on a journey through the story of Ápinké.

The character Ápinké is an Akárá (bean cake) seller at a factual Bòdija market. She is unique, Brassy and a provocateur. She will not let anyone treat her like she’s regular ice from a fridge, “I am Flippin* crushed ice from a touchscreen vending machine”. The spirited yet sensitive one woman show, beautifully combines sexuality, food, identity, and contemporary art.

The possibility of a multifaceted being.

Read books + Twerk. Be tough + Vulnerable. Be spiritual + a Freak. Be Woke + Traditional. Be YORUBA + a Funkster + QUEER.

”She only wishes to bring about a new world order for herself”

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