PER-SO-NA is in continuous development. An early version of it was staged at The Tetley Art Gallery alongside the Simeon Barclay Bus2Move Exhibition, Main stage at Crucible as part of their Together Season Festival, UK City of Culture 2025 based Theatre in the Mill as part of their RightQueerRightNow Festival, South London Fringe venue; The Bridge House Theatre, and Lighthouse Poole – by Pests Productions.

“Sexuality is a Buffet, Not a set Menu”

A one-woman immersive piece about a Yoruba Nigerian girl that isn’t so Nigerian. (Using the Fourth Wall technique). PER-SO-NA infuses Food, in presenting a version of a stereotype in order to then break it apart. The pulling of different identities and making a list of hierarchy of Sexuality in one fast-paced moment. 

PER-SO-NA is an encounter. Its got no beginning, no end. It is an audacious performance that brings lived experiences while blurring the lines with fiction, stemmed from historical provocation. It takes the audience on a journey through the story of Ápinké.

The character Ápinké is an Akárá (bean cake) seller at a factual Bòdija market. She is unique, Brassy and a provocateur. She will not let anyone treat her like she’s regular ice from a fridge, “I am Flippin* crushed ice from a touchscreen vending machine”. The spirited yet sensitive one woman show, beautifully combines sexuality, food, identity, and contemporary art.

Promo Video Crucible Theatre

The possibility of a multifaceted being.

Read books + Twerk. Be tough + Vulnerable. Be spiritual + a Freak. Be Woke + Traditional. Be YORUBA + a Funkster + QUEER.

”She only wishes to bring about a new world order for herself”

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