PER-SO-NA rationale

PER-SO-NA narrates the clashing identities of a Yoruba-Nigerian Girl that isn’t so Nigerian. Combining Sex hope, Live cooking, nuances, and droning culture war to unpack the ordeal of the artificial construct of tribal borders (using the fourth wall performance technique). With Unfiltered realness, salacious details- including stories of her fake orgasms, and big laughs. They are funny and have little to no dignity.

Image: Beccy Payne

Set in a factual Bòdija Market, our heroine (Ápinké) is a provocateur. She is brassy, and she is tired of sweeping tribal generalizations. However, where she is from… it’s not so easy to do this!

Unsuprisingly, the root of these perceptions lie amongst the said tribes and then spread across the board.

You’re sexual. You’re soulful. You’re emotional. You’re spiritual. You’re magic. You’re both of the light and the dark. You’re Human! DON’T DENY ANY ASPECTS OF WHO YOU ARE. A healthy soul is a ”whole” soul.

” Yes! I am of the Yoruba tribe, I can still be all of these things”

….a broken mindset is when you think it’s perfectly ok to show up to someone’s house without notice, & expect to be fed.

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